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AREAER Online Database

The Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions (AREAER) tracks the exchange rate and trade regimes of all members of the International Monetary Fund (currently 189 countries) and three territories (Aruba, Hong Kong SAR, and Curaçao and Sint Maarten—formerly the Netherlands Antilles). The IMF has published the AREAER annually since 1950, in accordance with the provisions of Article XIV, Section 3, of the IMF's Articles of Agreement. AREAER Online provides direct access to the data used to create the yearly reports beginning in 1999. Print versions of the full and summary reports for recent years are available through the IMF's online Bookstore. Electronic versions are available through the IMF's eLibrary.

Macroprudential Policy Survey

The Macroprudential Policy Survey database contains information on primarily prudential measures that are reported to have been taken with the objective of containing systemic risk, in line with the definition of macroprudential policy (see further IMF 2013 and IMF-FSB-BIS 2016). In addition, the database contains information on the institutional arrangements supporting macroprudential policy in member countries. The survey information is intended to fill an important data gap for researchers and policymakers. It can be used to support research in this emerging area, for example, to assess the impact of measures on credit and asset prices. It will also allow policymakers to learn about the design of policy measures taken elsewhere.